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Nordel Collision offers a wide variety of automotive repair services. Our  organized repair facility is equipped with the latest technology, necessary tools and the know how to effectively assess, diagnose and repair any vehicle to its pre-accident condition. From an oil change to brake replacements, from an small fender bender to a more serious accident, Nordel  Collision is fully equipped and ready to provide our clients with the professional services they deserved. Our services  include but are not limited to:


Paint & Body Services

  1. Frame and Unibody alignment

  2. Complete paint & auto body services....foreign or domestic

  3. Frame and Unibody measuring equipment. This type of equipment allows us to detect and correct any distortion in the structure of the vehicle sustained during a collision and restore it back to its factory specification.

  4. Factory style spot welders that duplicate the welds made during the factory fabrication process of your vehicle both in appearance and in strength.

  5. Full and Partial refinish

  6. Aluminum Auto Body Repair
  7. Bumper and Plastic Repair
  8. Computerized Factory Color Matching

  9.  Custom paint & installation of aftermarket body kits.

  10. Free repair estimates

  11. Complimentary car wash upon delivery


 Engine Repair Services

  1. Brake work

  2. Oil change

  3. Exhaust Work

  4. AC Repairs

  5. Electric System

  6. Engine Tune-Up

  7. Engine Diagnostic

8.  CV Joints

9.  Radiator Repairs

10.  Engine Repair & Replacement

11.  Transmission Replacement

12.  Suspension Service

13.  Timing Belt

14. Headlight Reconditioning

15.  Water Pump...and much more!


 Whether you are in need of an oil change or auto paint & body repairs, Nordel Collision is your one stop for all your automotive repair needs in Miami. We work with all major insurance carriers and our knowledgeable staff will be there to explain the repair process step by step until your car is delivered. Come visit us for your free repair estimate.